My commute

It’s a sunny day and I’ve been feeling lucky, so I thought I’d share some pics of my commute from the new workshop, which is a ten minute walk from where I live. Here’s Q20 from the outside, looking rather perky with all those petunias.
commute1 Q20 in sunlight


I slip down this little alleyway, which occasionally gets shut off when the swans decide to nest there.



All along here are blowsy pink purple wild buddleia, burdock and thistles. Love that heathery-pink colour…



… along with elder, raspberries and blackberries in reach…



At the other end is my favourite bridge, built for barge horses rather than me.




It’s next to a shallow pool off the main canalway, currently teeming with small fish, pond skaters and iridescent blue damselflies.



Just look at the shapes of the cobbles on the bridge, I’ve used them in my prints before because they’re all the same and all different.



As I was taking photos, this runner said “If I’d known you were coming, I’d have brushed my hair!” This is the view over to Shipley and my favourite ‘mid century modern’ market clock tower.



The beach mast is growing well, love those little leaves!



With summer light, the pool becomes a mirror to the lovely branch shapes



Coming back to civilisation, I go under the Leeds train line, surrounded by curls of bracken and rivets the size of 50p coins.



But even here, the trees offer another view. So many greens and how lovely ash trees make the light.



Lastly, on my way up the hill, the stone wall is covered in ivy. With the distinctive shape and those emerald greens, purples and reds, ivy keeps sneaking in all over my work.


Happy sunny day to you all x


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