My Indie Christmas pressies: delights of local talent…

Now that everyone has opened their presents, I can share some of the Indie hits with you all. I hope it gives credit to some of the fab talent around and some ideas next time you need a gift…

My present came from InkyLinky, a gorgeous silver and copper pendant with etched and enamelled detailing, I also got my cousin some of Liz’s earrings. My husband loves his hand tooled leather map of Middle Earth too.
The Italian wool handbags came from Becky Moore, the pretty tea towels were from Emily Maude, my aunt’s jewellery roll was from Tableau Gifts in Headingley.

Helen Riddle provided the winter hedgerow embroidered painting, the woolen mug warmer for our London commuter and a woolen pin cushion in the shape of a cup cake. The iridescent blue Raku fired pot was from Old Brewery Pottery in Keighley. Sadly, I can’t recall the name of the stained glass co I got the sunrise landscape from, which was for my second cousin who’s just moved out of home (she was next to Helen Riddle at Heart and Craft if anyone knows).

My sister asked for a pair of my shoe clips, and I also found a lovely vintage pair of driving gloves at Peacock Blue Vintage for her. A mug with microscope images came from Sci-Art Images. The Futurama themed t-shirt was thanks to Quertee.

Chocolates were courtesy of The Chocolate Chest, they went down a storm with my lot…

For the nieces and nephews, the board games Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride came from Travelling Man, and the fabric for my niece’s dress (which she designed herself, aged eight!) came from The Shuttle [who haven't yet embraced the internet].

I may also have got myself a couple of things along the way including Myroo Geranium hand cream (good enough that I actually remember to use it!) and Joe’s Toes felt slippers. I don’t think December would have been as good without the buns in aid of The Samaritans that came from Creative Breads.

I can’t work out how to add other people’s photos on this blog without nabbing them, which feels a bit mean, so you’ll just have to follow the links if you’re curious… Happy New Year!

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