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Are you new around here?
Shoe clips are new this summer. They’re my replacement for the popular embellished shoes I made last year. I think that they’re more useful as you can wear them on any of your shoes and it makes the most of the shoes you already own.

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You know, I’ve managed pretty well without shoe clips so far…
Me too… but I’ve realised something: my shopping habit is strongest when there’s some reason to dress up. A party, a wedding, a night out… If I can make my own shoes more fabulous, it helps me resist buying a new pair. That’s good for storage at home, it’s cheaper and much greener than endlessly buying more shoes.
I also think that fabulous shoes tend not to be that comfortable, but with a shoe clip you can glam up your most comfy shoes – ballet pumps, flats, flip flops, wedges or heels.

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Is this a frill too far?
A lot of occasion shoes are already embellished with a pattern, beads or a bow. Your shoes are a blank canvas and they have that brilliant thing where they still fit whatever size you are, which is why glamorous shoes always cheer us up.

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Ok, but I’m not wearing something that rubs…
No way, scout’s honour, I’ve tested them myself. The findings I use have also been used in shoe clips for ages by other makers. They’re very smooth jewellery quality metal (nickel and lead free) so there shouldn’t be any reaction even if you wear them with bare feet. Nevertheless, if anyone didn’t get on with their clips, you can rely on a full refund for any undamaged pair.

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There’s this outfit I want to match…
I’ve got designs in my shop to meet most of our needs, clips that go with posh frocks, denim jeans, or black trousers. If you fancy a colour match or something special – like a coordinated set for a group of bridesmaids – get in touch, I’ll source fabric, check it with you and make up just what you need.

I’ve added shoe clips to my range because I think they’re a brilliant way to stretch the wardrobe you already own, to rock what you’ve got. I’m hoping that even if it’s a new idea, you’ll start to wonder about just how fabulous those shoes at the bottom of your wardrobe could be, next time you go out.

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With thanks to the old worn out shoes from the bottom of my wardrobe, that agreed to be glammed up for the occasion.

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  1. Kim says:

    These are fab! I need some, will be talking to you soon!

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