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Christmas? Sorted.

It’s a tricky time of year. I’m out trying to find that perfect present for people I love who don’t really need anything and I don’t have a whole lot of time to look.
But never fear, for I’ve spent the last few months designing presents that can help – when a smelly candle or a pair of socks just won’t cut the mustard.
In the spirit of being both ‘use’ and ‘ornament’ here’s my Christmas solutions…

Something to buy for a couple that they’ll both like

Think of these aprons as ‘tips for a harmonious christmas’ and see if you can work out which half of the couple would wear each one… Unlike many presents for couples, these are just as fun for men and women and, as well as being amusing, they’re also practical in washable calico with a soft woven material around the neck. Tick a couple you love off your list in one present. *contented sigh*

Something for a kid that isn’t cheap plastic and inexplicably over £50

Monster ponchos are as much dressing up box as they are practical warm outfit. Unlike a sweatshirt, you don’t need to know the child’s exact size and they will last a good while because ponchos still fit as they grow and, in the words of a four year old customer, they’re “AWESOME!” Neither made out of plastic nor by child workers, this is a wholesome and monsterous solution to buying for kids.

Something glamorous and on trend that won’t break the bank

Coat collars are next year’s big thing, they are just starting to appear in the high street but imo none are as varied or as deliciously strokable as my range. The collars are all practical, warm and make any winter coat look glam again and they only cost the same as a boring snoring scarf. What’s not to love?

Something really luxurious for the home

I’ve worked on my ash hedgerow and alium cushion designs for a while to get them just right. With the rich chocolate paint against the pale natural cotton, I think I’ve got it. Beautiful enough to change the look of a sofa or bedroom and in tones that will go with any decor your lucky recipient may have. Treat them to something imaginative that they can’t get anywhere else.

T-shirts with something funny on

I have the perfect present: a t-shirt with “[something funny]” written on it, the ultimate and rather meta funny t-shirt, proving that crafts don’t have to be girly.

For new parents

‘Baby says no’ is the product that makes more people laugh than anything else I’ve done. If you want to celebrate a new arrival and show you understand, you can’t do better than this cheeky little outift.

Something totally different

As far as I know, I’m the only person making watercolour t-shirts. Each one is unique as I fabric paint them freehand just like a watercolour and then let them dry. Customers have called them ‘uplifting’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘special’. A local gallery called them ‘a piece of artwork you can take with you’. They’ve appealed to all ages as we can’t help being cheered up by a sunrise. Maybe this will solve that problem of the person who has everything, because unless they were at Saltaire Festival, they don’t have one of these!


There’s still time if you have a present idea but can’t find it anywhere, I love new challenges and I’ll always put a design to you first so you can see if you like it before you buy… so if you have a neice obsessed with owls or a brother who loves something obscure, I’m here to share your pain and try to help ;-)

A reward for you for being so blinking lovely to your family

Add a new heirloom to your christmas box with one of my garlands, the length adjusts so that they can be hung across a fire place, doorway or feature wall. Matching tree decorations coordinate for treats you can enjoy year after year.
If you want to mark this year, let me know and I can also personalise my christmas decorations with the name of an occasion or a child’s name and the year.

Good luck out there, it’s tough, but I think that designing for both use and ornament creates presents that make your family smile on the day and continue to be used well past New Year xx

Lightwater Valley (and the bustle!)

There were so many nice people at Lightwater Valley, the staff were all lovely and we were very lucky to be surrounded by friendly stall holders. Here’s some pictures of the stand and me in the Victorian costume [massive thanks to Lynsey for that x].
We realised when we got back that I hadn’t got any photos of my other half in his spectacular top hat and cravat :-( Sorry to everyone who wanted to see that :-)